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Year: 2017
Country: Mexico
Genre: Western / New Film
Director: Jose Luis Isoard
Stars: Aldo Escalante, Rodrigo Azuela, Diego Alberico
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: HD
Views: 461

PASCUAL and REMIGIO know they have done something hideous and terrible. They can't forgive themselves. Empty holsters and no money is what it has come to after this unspeakable crime. They will die. It's just a matter of days. BOSCO is on their trail to bring them to justice. They go into what seems like a normal forest. And boy do they run for their lives. If they keep running like that they'll die anyway. The seek refuge, they seek water, they seek life. And they fear death the most. Foolish Pascual even plays with the idea of finding God and asking him the question of the ages: Is there life after death? But things get in their way. They stumble upon HALI, a woman that roams the forest with just her donkey as a companion. Remigio wants to eat the donkey. Pascual wants the lady. Food and love. They forget they're going to die, even for just a little while. But the forest has other plans, and maybe the answer they thought was impossible to get is just a couple of walking days away

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