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Year: 2015
Country: Japan
Genre: Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Director: Eisuke Naitô
Stars: Kisetsu Fujiwara, Yûki Furukawa, Junya Ikeda
Time: 1h 54min
Quality: HDRip
Views: 262

9 pretty boys resist becoming ugly adults. They create a club to reach their goal of dominating the whole world. The Hikari Club. And so they start to build a machine- a robot, who's goal is to capture the most beautiful girl for them. Murder, Lust & Insanity, this horrifying yet comic story has it all. "You there boy! I have never seen such an aspect in years of my fortune telling! There is a Black Star over you. A star not even Hitler had.. Kid, you're either gonna rule the world at 30 or die at 14...

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