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Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Crime / Drama / Horror / New Film
Director: John Beaton Hill
Stars: David Cooley, Brian Scannell, Kurt Fuller
Time: 1h 40min
Quality: HD
Views: 71

Childhood friends from Boston drift apart following a shocking discovery deep in the woods of Savin Hill. Years later a tragic murder brings them together again. But for one man, it's no mistake. A trap has been set... After serving time for a crime he didn't commit, TOM GREYS is released from prison with a score to settle: he is dead-set on tracking down the man who set him up... his childhood best friend and L.A. cop, SEAN O'BRIEN. Ravaged by his friend's betrayal, Tom hunts Sean through the streets of Los Angeles and finds himself trapped in a web of lies only a devil could weave. After years of gut-wrenching deception, it can only end with one man standing

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