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Year: 2015
Country: Germany, South Africa, Norway, Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia
Genre: Drama / Family / New Film
Director: Serdar Dogan
Stars: Maike Johanna Reuter, Thomas Scharff, Cosma
Time: 101 min
Quality: HD
Views: 945

After a huge fight with her family, Lena (16) leaves home cutting all family ties. Five years later, Lena receives a visit from her father that will change her life forever. Her mother has died in a car crash. Lena (22) now studying architecture and training in Kungfu, accepts her father's invitation to visit their home. Lena returns to the place she once called home, surrounded by the many little sculptures her mother made. She receives a case filled with letters written to Lena by her mother for every single one of her birthdays since she was born. Lena's mother had always intended to give these to Lena on her 18th birthday, but their falling out left her mother holding onto them until they made amends. In reading the letters Lena learns of the big dreams her mother had had, and how she could never realize them as she found herself pregnant with Lena. She always wanted to do a world trip, but with a small child and no money this was never possible. As Lena reads more of her mothers ...

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