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Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Horror / Mystery / New Film
Director: Samuel Farmer
Stars: Christopher James Forrest, Michelle Eggers, Tyler C. Patton
Time: 84 min.
Quality: HD
Views: 1168

It's 1985 and high school student Trey Andrews fails to impress long-time friend/recent love-interest, Molly McCarthy, after a disastrous date. Finding no consolation in his sex-obsessed best friend, Jon Cryer, Trey drifts to sleep. After a fitful night and dreams filled with images of a mysterious dream girl, Trey awakens and rushes off to school. Having no luck reconciling with Molly and brushing off the advances of an underling, Regina Walsh, Trey has a chance encounter with a new girl, Patricia Stanton, who looks suspiciously like the girl from his dreams. Much to his surprise, his losing streak ends, and he finds himself with a date for the evening. Two high school elites set their cross hairs on the new couple. Ken Anders, looking to add another notch on his belt goes after Patricia, while his girlfriend, Brittany Alexa, attempts to use Trey to make Ken jealous. As the social order of high school is shaken up, Trey's dreams become more ominous, eventually, he dreams the death of...

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