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Year: 2015
Country: Azerbaijan
Genre: Drama / New Film
Director: Vadim Perelman
Time: 90 min
Quality: HD
Views: 660

She was 18. With thin hands, and big frightened eyes. Mansur took her from her home to a faraway Moscow. Before the wedding Yildiz shed a few tears for she was afraid. She had never been in a big city before; what would it be like to live there among strangers? Uncle Mirza even lost his temper with her; from now on Mansur was her husband, he wouldn't do any harm, she had to obey him and not annoy him. She soon became used to her husband. He was kind. He would get her a Russian passport, would help her to learn the language, and would buy her nice dresses. She was nervous when he first did not return home at night. She was not angry when he did not show up for two days, and she just waited for him. Then she spent a whole week alone. She grew accustomed to eating small portions of food so that it would not run out. It was Mansur who had forbidden her to go out. It was dangerous. Once she had ventured outside she would be taken to a police station, and she would be raped and killed. And ...

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